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  • Title: Richard III
  • Release year: 1955
  • Director: Laurence Olivier
  • Actors: Cedric Hardwicke, Nicholas Hannen, Laurence Olivier, Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Mary Kerridge, Pamela Brown, Paul Huson, Stewart Allen, Claire Bloom, Laurence Olivier
  • Movie length: 161 min.
  • Movie genres: Biography; Drama; History; War

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Don't make your decision to watch this film off the bummer comments! The script of the film is cool as well as the plot twist ending, but it could have been executed much better. U will not ever regret about seeing Richard III in the War genre! All the stuff in the film of the year 1955 looks so good and actors know how to make us feeling so excited and love in the reality from seeing all the stuff they are doing on the stage. Here you will see how such a good actors like Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud, Paul Huson, Claire Bloom, Pamela Brown act their roles so great. The whole running time of the movie is 161 mins but you will feel them like some very fascinating episodes. We give a rating for Richard III is 10 of 10! This film is not only a superior must see and stunning film, but it is destined to be a classic. Have any ideas? Submit them into our form. You must sign in.